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Podcast show about building wealth with a side business for full-time employees, stay-home moms, and students

Month: January 2018

IKE-27: She Bakes A Fortune At Home – Jennifer Browning


  • Full-time stay-at-home mother of two young children
  • Started Goodies by Jenn, a home-based custom bakery
  • Living Magazine Readers’ Choice Winner 2017 Best Bakery, Richardson Living Magazine’s 2017 and 2016 Best Bite Awards for Best Bakery
  • Writes a weekly blog Blessed Mess Mama
  • Previously worked in the hospitality and recording industries

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IKE-26: Why Your Goals Must Be Specific

Ike explains why making goals specific helps you actually achieve them. A review of Ike’s past year goals shows that specificity in goals pushes us to take highly directed action that ensures results. Ike reveals his goals for the new year and offers to help listeners with setting specific goals for themselves.

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