ConsultingIKE-9: $ide gigs in Market Research with Kathy Alexander

IKE-9: $ide gigs in Market Research with Kathy Alexander

Kathy Alexander has made a career out of answering challenging research questions for her clients having worked for research suppliers and as an independent consultant.  With over 20 years of experience, she has a vast amount of knowledge and understanding of industry and consumer needs.  Her clients range over multiple industries including packaged goods, communication services, and media & entertainment.

Kathy currently serves as Vice President at Mindseye Research Group, a boutique research agency focused on delivering custom research solutions.  Prior to joining Mindseye, she worked with Invoke Solutions, helping to redevelop the company’s patented research platform and designing custom research solutions featuring the platform.  From 2006 to 2014, Kathy founded and managed Beagle Insight, a strategic research consultancy specializing in the media and entertainment industry.  She developed her expertise in this area while working as Senior Vice President at C&R Research Services, Inc. and as an Associate with Marshall Cohen Associates.

Show Notes

  • Understanding the Market Research Industry [1:25]
  • Background and skills required [3:20]
  • Roles of a Market Researcher and understanding the qualitative and quantitative [4:40]
  • Three positions to look for as an off-hours contractor [8:18]
  • How to get started in Market Research [15:40]
  • Challenges working as a consultant [18:50]
  • Overcoming the difficulty of getting your first jobs [20:00]
  • What Kathy looks for when hiring someone [23:35]
  • Clients, confidentiality, and insurance [26:40]
  • What’s interesting about Market Research consulting [29:13]


  • Market Research is about understanding your clients, turning ideas into questions, and testing them [3:20]
  • The key to a good Powerpoint presentation is the money slide [12:05]
  • Look at job postings to see what companies are looking for when hiring and learn the language of the business [15:40]
  • Know your weakness but don’t be afraid to talk yourself up and highlight what you’re good at [32:40]


  • Read articles in Wired and Inc to learn about new products and how they grow
  • Use Upwork to find side gigs


  • Vice President at Mindseye Research Group
  • Provides custom market research solutions for her clients across a variety of industries
  • Founded and managed Beagle Insight, Inc., a strategic market research consultancy

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