Product, WidgetsIKE-12: May the DoorDevil Force be with you – Nick Fairless

IKE-12: May the DoorDevil Force be with you – Nick Fairless

Nick Fairless has over 20 years of experience managing software implementation projects as a Business Systems Analyst and IT Project Manager.  He has worked for major transportation and manufacturing companies in the United States and Canada.

About 9 years ago, multiple burglaries around his neighborhood revealed a vulnerability in home security, leading Nick to search for a solution.   After researching multiple products, Nick and his father invented a product to prevent burglars from kicking in doors.

Nick launched Door Devil in 2008 and the product has grown in adoption and accolades.  After one attempted break in, a responding officer reported the Door Devil to have likely saved a woman’s life.  Door Devil was also selected by a U.S. Embassy to protect its personnel.  Earlier this year in 2017, Nick was awarded the Outstanding Corporate Business Award by the Texas Crime Prevention Officer’s Association.

Today Nick continues to balance his corporate job, his Door Devil business, and spending time with his family.  He enjoys volunteering with Big Brother Big Sister and is a member of the Cajun Navy in Port Arthur assisting with rescue operations.

Show Notes

  • Nick’s corporate job and his side business [3:05]
  • A corporate job might not be as stable as you think [5:25]
  • What led Nick to develop the Door Devil [6:45]
  • A DIY upgrade to your home in 30 min [11:20]
  • Determining channels for product distribution [14:00]
  • What Nick learned from his competitors [17:00]
  • Steps to manufacture a product [19:40]
  • Pros and Cons of manufacturing in the USA [21:00]
  • Two mistakes Nick made when he started his business [25:00]
  • The partner that promoted Door Devil and helped citizens prevent home invasions [28:00]
  • Three reasons Nick decided to seek additional funding [30:50]
  • A side business can be a good fall back plan [37:15]


  • Prevent setbacks by having a strategy in place before launching your product [17:00]
  • Observe what works in the market and adapt [19:40]
  • Outsource tasks that are your weak point [23:55]
  • Look for the most natural channels to help promote your product [30:00]
  • Variables out of your control can impact your business and personal life [34:50]
  • Look at your passion, skills, and network and find opportunities that lie where they meet [40:15]


  • Business Systems Analyst and IT Project Manager
  • Invented product to stop burglars from kicking in doors
  • Launched his side business Door Devil in 2008
  • Awarded 2017 Outstanding Corporate Business Award by the Texas Crime Prevention Officer’s Association

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