Book, International, Investing, Podcast, Real EstateIKE-14: Profitable Business is a Team Sport – John Carney

IKE-14: Profitable Business is a Team Sport – John Carney

John Carney is an active real estate investor and developer in the United States, Australia, and Indonesia.  In 2010, John decided to start his own business after moving to Australia.  John founded America Property Source to help Australians safely invest in US real estate.  A published author and keynote speaker, John’s book, Real Estate is a Team Sport. The Nine Players You Need to Profit, outlines the steps to become a smarter, more profitable property investor in any real estate market.  John also hosts the podcast “The Real Estate Locker Room Show,” where real estate investors and entrepreneurs share their strategy for success.

Growing up in Cleveland Ohio, John learned a lot about commercial real estate development and investing from his family.  His passion for outdoor adventure led him to Colorado where he spent nine seasons as a member of the Vail Ski Patrol.  John also traveled to Indonesia and started a business exporting lumber to the US.  When the American real estate market plummeted in 2008, John made the move to Australia.  John and his family returned to his hometown in Ohio in June 2016 and repositioned APS to accommodate US real estate investors.

Favorite books: The 10X Rule, by Grant Cardone & The Obstacle is the Way, by Ryan Holiday

Show Notes

  • John’s passion for outdoor adventure and travel led him to business ventures in Indonesia and Australia [1:30]
  • The downfall of US real estate market in 2008 [3:50]
  • How John quickly built up a network and became licensed to work in Australia [4:50]
  • The decision to turn down a job offer from a top Australian company [6:40]
  • Why Australians would want to invest in US real estate [6:40]
  • Challenges in explaining the US market to Australians [14:00]
  • Building a team is fundamental to your business [15:15]
  • Nine players to build the right team for your real estate business [18:00]
  • What allows John to stay focused [22:50]


  • Apply lessons learned from failed ventures to the next [3:50]
  • Be able to clearly communicate your long term goals to others [4:50]
  • Find someone willing to be your mentor and not look at you as the competition [15:15]

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