Fitness, Health, Product, Retail, WidgetsIKE-20: She Lost 20lbs And Built A $2M Business In 2 Years – Allison Ellsworth

IKE-20: She Lost 20lbs And Built A $2M Business In 2 Years – Allison Ellsworth

Allison Ellsworth is the Founder and CEO of Mother Beverage, a sparkling apple cider vinegar beverage.  While working as a landman in the oil and gas industry, Allison started drinking apple cider vinegar to detox and lose weight. Her husband Stephen disliked the taste. So, they crafted an apple cider vinegar beverage that is low calorie, low sugar, and tastes great.  They started selling to family and neighbors and at local farmers markets, where they were approach by a buyer for Whole Foods.

Along with being a Full-time Mom, Allison has grown her business rapidly in a short time. Since its inception in 2015, Mother Beverage has been named Best New Beverage by BevNet, featured in an ABC special, and landed accounts with major grocery retailers.  In 2016, they opened up a warehouse near downtown Dallas, where they produce, bottle, and distribute their product.  Mother Beverage is projected to do over 2 million dollars in revenue in 2018.

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Show Notes

  • Allison’s career in the oil and gas industry [1:50]
  • Challenges of life on the road led Allison to try apple cider vinegar [3:34]
  • The health benefits she noticed after drinking it [5:45]
  • How Allison took a personal experience and expanded it into a business [7:25]
  • The most important thing you need to help you become successful [11:38]
  • Investing and planning for growth [13:00]
  • How to find and target your ideal customers and determine product pricing [15:25]
  • The reality check that led Allison to open her own production facility [19:30]
  • Certifications, permits and audits [21:36]
  • Two big breaks that helped Mother Beverage break into major retail stores [23:00]
  • What’s involved in a beverage competition [25:20]
  • What does $2 million in projected revenue next year mean for Mother Beverage [26:15]
  • What are some of the risks involved [29:00]
  • Allison maintains a work life balance with a family, new baby, and growing company [29:45]
  • Three things listeners should do to get their business started [30:35]


  • Start by selling to friends, neighbors, and at farmers markets [9:00]
  • You may not know if it will work but why not try [11:58]
  • Get feedback and listen to your customers [15:25]
  • Continue to reinvest back into your company [26:15]

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  • Full-time Mom and Founder of Mother Beverage
  • Projected 2 million dollars in revenue in 2018
  • Named “Best New Beverage 2016” by BevNET
  • Landed accounts with Whole Foods, Albertsons, Tom Thumb, and Safeway

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