Podcast, Real EstateIKE-31: The Entrepreneurial Mindset with Jake Jopling

IKE-31: The Entrepreneurial Mindset with Jake Jopling

Jake Jopling is a Senior Analyst for USAA Real Estate where he helps manage industrial portfolios in excess of 20 MSF.  He has over six years of experience in commercial real estate asset management and consulting.  Realizing a common theme among successful leaders and entrepreneurs, Jake began learning how an entrepreneurial mindset is a critical part of success and can help you achieve goals faster.  He launched a podcast called The Entrepreneurial Mindset, where he interviews industry leaders to show that a person’s mindset can play a significant role in what they can achieve.

Book Recommendations: Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance

Show Notes

  • Jake’s role managing industrial portfolios [2:40]
  • House hacking in San Antonio [5:00]
  • What led Jake to start a podcast [7:30]
  • The lesson Jake learned from his most interesting podcast interview [11:15]
  • Key factors to the entrepreneurial mindset [14:20]
  • Advice for introverts to develop their people skills [16:15]
  • Jake utilizes the entrepreneurial mindset in his work [19:13]


  • Look at the entrepreneurial mindset of leaders [8:30]
  • Be wise about what you invest your time and money into [12:35]
  • A good morning routine helps with time management [20:00]

Contacts and Links




  • Senior Analyst for USAA Real Estate
  • Manages an industrial portfolio in excess of 20 MSF
  • Host of The Entrepreneurial Mindset Podcast
  • House Hacked a triplex to live closer to work

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