Coaching, Home ImprovementIKE-35: How She Remodeled Her Parents’ Future – Beata Lorinc

IKE-35: How She Remodeled Her Parents’ Future – Beata Lorinc

Guest Background

Beata Lorinc started her career with Procter & Gamble as a Supply Chain Management specialist. After deciding to become a stay-home mom, she did a few small businesses and also trained as a success coach. About six years ago, Beata started a small remodeling business to build financial independence for her parents making factory wages. That business has enabled her parents to become debt-free and build a nest egg for retirement. A fantastic story of small objectives and thoughtful actions can lead to transformational results.

Beata now runs multiple side businesses and enjoys a full-time income, while working an average 10-15 hours a week. The flexibility in hours leaves her with plenty of time to be present for her children and pursue her passion of business strategy coaching to work 1:1 with clients in various phases of their entrepreneurial career.

Most recently she has created a splash with oceanfront vacation rental homes. Mark your calendars for this “must listen to” podcast episode next week on vacation rentals.

Show Notes

  • Story about breaking into the home remodeling business. [5:00]
  • Identified a business need in day to day conversations with the “mommy network” [6:45]
  • Listen to the market first and deliver what the market needs for a successful business. [13:03]
  • Validate the business idea by doing the math to offer “highly skilled labor at reasonable rates” [15:53]
  • Offer the highest value proposition to the client that is based on reliability and integrity.  [16:22]
  • Initial strategy for the remodeling business. [17:44]
  • Advertised the business by word of mouth to build trust and credibility. [26:55]
  • Things that Beata would do differently with remodeling today. [26:08]


  • Best shot at being successful is to do the math, do the market position, do the market placement and validate the business idea. [14:05]
  • The best businesses come out of what you want to achieve for yourself. [19:42]
  • Be prepared to take on lower-level work to build your reputation and client base. [23:18]
  • If you really believe in something, and you have done your research, go for IT! [33:48]

Contacts and Links

Beata Lorinc had a corporate career at Proctor & Gamble spanning 11 years in Supply Chain Management. She built a boutique remodeling business for her parents to achieve income replacement in less than 6 months. Loves creating fun spontaneous fun memories with her kids while also running multiple side businesses.

Coming Up in the Next Episode of The Side Business Show

Tune in for Beata Lorinc as she explains the detailed nuts and bolts, profits, expenses, and strategies on her remarkable success in oceanfront vacation rentals.

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