ServiceIKE-37: Construction Clean Up – A Tale of Opportunity & Struggle With Tony Kurtulan

IKE-37: Construction Clean Up – A Tale of Opportunity & Struggle With Tony Kurtulan

Tony Kurtulan was born in Turkey and came to the United States of America when he was two years old. His maternal family built a significant business presence in Turkey. Growing up in the US, Tony has been similarly entrepreneurial.

Tony has diverse experience in Insurance and IT sales, real estate, and working as a Dallas Fire Fighter. He is a “serial side business entrepreneur”, owning businesses in construction clean up, auto restoration, insurance agency and IT staffing, among others.

In this episode, Tony delves into the construction clean up side business that he started with a minimal investment. Tony decided to “throw the hat in the ring” as his friend was knowledgeable about it. Although the business started off well, the team faced several challenges when it started to scale. Tony shares some of the struggles he faced, the reasons for wrapping it up, and his biggest takeaways from this venture.

Show Notes

  • Tony shares a story from his Turkish family legacy [2:08]
  • How did the construction clean up business come to be? [3:35]
  • What attracted Tony to the construction clean up business? [6:19]
  • Challenges that came up. [8:12]
  • What is the income potential? [11:36]
  • Tips for creating recurring business [14:07]


  • Put your toe in the water first, before you dive in [7:15]
  • Be focused within a specific area, instead of taking on everything [9:33]
  • Use quality, service, or price as business differentiators [11:07]
  • 90% of success in business comes from relationships [14:40]

Contacts and Links

Tony Kurtulan is an IT sales executive by profession and partner in several side businesses. Tony launched a side business in construction clean up with a close friend who was knowledgeable about it. He shares insights about the day-to-day challenges the team faced over time, and the reasons for his wrap up.

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