Consulting, Online Business, Product, Retail, ServiceIKE-38: Designing Eco-Friendly Profits With Erica Reiner

IKE-38: Designing Eco-Friendly Profits With Erica Reiner

Erica Reiner is an ecopreneur. She is an interior designer specializing in eco-friendly products and materials. She also runs an Etsy shop selling ornamental grasses to beautify people’s big life events. Outside of these eco-ventures, Erica is a lecturer of environmental science to undergraduate students.

In this episode, Erica explains the various opportunities that exist in selling eco-friendly products and services in a variety of businesses. Her side businesses have carved a special niche for themselves in the environmentally conscious market. At the same time, Erica has also been innovative in leveraging technology to provide affordable services to a wider range of customers.

Show Notes

  • Funny story about the legendary pampas grass [2:20]
  • Buying habitat restoration credits and carbon offsets and why [5:53]
  • Launch of the niche eco-friendly interior design side business [8:23]
  • Mechanics of the interior design business [13:36]
  • Targeting specific audiences using creative avenues and networking [18:24]
  • Marketing beyond social media using trust and personal connections [22:15]
  • How did Erica determine pricing for the businesses? [27:49]
  • How can you “green your own operations”? [36:01]
  • Suggestions for habitat restoration credits and carbon offsets [38:00]


  • Leverage online technology to establish a side business and work on your schedule [17:35]
  • When you genuinely ask for help, you will get it [21:30]
  • Different business models require different marketing channels – Leverage them [25:30]
  • Test and change; it’s your business [34:15]


In every business that Erica launches, she strives to be mindful of the impact on environment. For instance, she buys CO2 to offset the shipping of the ornamental grass to distant locations. Erica has shared these resources for learning about sustainability practices and where to buy CO2 offsets:

Erica Reiner got her academic credentials in environmental studies and marine science management. To launch a side business, Erica earned an interior designer certificate and combined her love of the environment to specialize in eco-friendly services and products. Favorite Podcast: “Being Boss” by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson.

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