International, Investing, Multi-Family, Podcast, Real EstateIKE-39: How To Diversify Your Income – An Aussie Angle With Reed Goossens

IKE-39: How To Diversify Your Income – An Aussie Angle With Reed Goossens

23% of working adults in Australia have a side business. That’s the largest percentage of side business owners in the world. This fun and informative conversation with Los Angeles transplant Reed Goossens reveals why the Aussies are crushing it in side business circles!

In a fast-paced conversation, Reed explains his philosophy of income diversification with lots of examples from his personal work. His process to ensure financial independence is to acquire assets, invest in creating multiple income streams from those assets, and develop new businesses associated with those assets.

With his bright smile and never say die attitude, Reed transitioned from a structural engineering career in Australia and hustling a small duplex purchase to becoming a multi-million apartment syndicator in the US. To help his fellow Australians learn the ropes of being an international investor, Reed also hosts a popular podcast show called “Investing in the US: An Aussie’s Guide to US Real Estate.”

Favorite Books: “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter; “Ego is the Enemy” by Ryan Holiday; “Becoming a Key Person of Influence” by Daniel Priestly.

Show Notes

  • The philosophy of Acquire, Invest and Develop [8:15]
  • Examples of businesses that have developed other sources of income from their primary business [16:14]
  • Building a personal brand with thought leadership [21:00]
  • How to build a personal brand without devoting too much time [24:00]


  • Establish an ecosystem to create multiple revenue streams from a primary business [10:05]
  • Borrow on your niche knowledge to educate others and create value with content.  [24:11]

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Coming Up in the Next Episode of The Side Business Show

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