Coaching, Fitness, Food, Health, Online BusinessIKE-49: She Loses 40lbs, Gets A Spicy Body, and Makes $20K Per Month – Nagina Abdullah

IKE-49: She Loses 40lbs, Gets A Spicy Body, and Makes $20K Per Month – Nagina Abdullah

Who consumes a heady cocktail of spices, loses 40lbs after two kids, gets a sizzling body while working a full-time 60+ hours consulting job, and builds a 6-figure side business? It’s the incredible Nagina Abdullah, that’s who!

Founder of, Nagina helps busy women lose weight without feeling deprived through spicy concoctions. Nagina has been featured in Business Insider,, Huffington Post and on Fox News for her delicious recipes, weight-loss expertise, and online business success.

As a special gift for listeners of our show, Nagina is sharing a “Sweet Spice Cheat Sheet” with the spice that is is in your kitchen cabinet! This spice helps lower blood sugar and also curbs sugar cravings. The sheet includes:

  • 3 health benefits of using this spice
  • 5 ways to use it in your day
  • An easy recipe using this spice

You can obtain this sheet in two ways:

  • Listen to the episode and you will hear Nagina provide the link to download the sheet, OR
  • Subscribe and review this show on iTunes. Send me an email at with a screenshot of your review.

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