Coaching, Consulting, Investing, Real EstateIKE-51: Assist Seniors & Make $5K-$15K/Month With Gene Guarino

IKE-51: Assist Seniors & Make $5K-$15K/Month With Gene Guarino

Gene Guarino lays out the details on how you can do good and make multiples of rental income through residential assisted living.

Over the next decade or two, there are potentially 77 million baby boomers who are going to retire from the workforce. Vast numbers of seniors are going to need some form of assisted living. Currently, that need is fulfilled to a large extent by institutions such as nursing homes and senior housing communities.

Gene realized that residential assisted living would be a much more desirable option for many of our seniors who prefer to live in a home. So, he decided to build a business to create senior assisted housing in the single-family market and in the process doubling the rental income from those properties.

If you’re looking to earn $5,000 to $15,000 of income per month from home rentals, this is the side business for you!

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