Coaching, Health, Inspiration, Service, SpeakingIKE-56: The Fertility Coach – Facing Tribulation & Offering Comfort – Pradeepa N

IKE-56: The Fertility Coach – Facing Tribulation & Offering Comfort – Pradeepa N

Our special guest, Pradeepa, belongs to the category of people who undergo years of trauma and emerge with a passion to help others suffer less of what they went through. In this episode, Pradeepa retells her story with lessons on building a highly unique and personalized side business based on her experience with adversity.

Pradeepa Narayanaswamy is an IT professional with a Master’s degree in computer science. She works a day job as an organizational leadership coach for business executives. Her side venture is fertility coaching that involves mentoring women and men dealing with infertility. She has drawn upon her personal experience and trauma to build a self-care plan for navigating the fertility journey and reducing the impact of emotional upheaval.

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