CoachingIKE-59: Physics Teacher Builds Metaphysical Business – Diana Bianchi

IKE-59: Physics Teacher Builds Metaphysical Business – Diana Bianchi

Diana Bianchi is a high school Physics teacher in Geneva, Switzerland. In this preternatural episode, Diana discusses quantum theory, its confluence with esoteric modalities, and how she uses them to help entrepreneurs.

In her unique side business, Diana Bianchi uses “Akashic Records” to assist entrepreneurs center their activities, discover their unique strengths, and remove barriers.

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  • Akash is the Sanskrit word for ‘ether’ but is commonly used in Hindi to mean ‘atmosphere’.
  • Practitioners of Akashic Records explain it as “The Akashic Records are the record of your soul’s journey, from the time you first arise from Source until you eventually return home. … But no matter how new or ancient of a Soul you are, the Akashic energy holds all your thoughts, feelings, actions and deeds from each lifetime.
  • Wikipedia explains Akashic Records as follows “In theosophyand anthroposophy, the Akashic records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. They are believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the etheric plane. There are anecdotal accounts but there is no scientific evidence for the existence of the Akashic records.


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