Finance, Franchise, Sports, Stock TradingIKE-5: The Business of Sports with Peter Davis

IKE-5: The Business of Sports with Peter Davis

Pete Davis has had a distinctly unique career developing multiple side businesses into his full-time career.

Pete began his career as a Designer and then as a Brand & Marketing expert.  He’s worked with companies ranging from Fortune 50’s to VC-backed startups and has experience in various industries including finance, consumer goods, technology, fashion, media, e-commerce, sports & entertainment, retail, and non-profits.

Starting out as a trader in futures, currencies, equities and options, he built a side business in financial markets.  He later began developing pitches and deal flows for companies looking to attract capital and investors.

Pete recently launched a sports business career and is currently a Partner in Eventia Sports & Entertainment Group.  Based out of Las Vegas, the event management company specializes in VIP Las Vegas events, golf tournaments, charity and gala events, and talent booking.  Pete also works as a Special Advisor to Whitecap Sports Group, a boutique sports M&A firm that brokers the sales of sports franchises, leagues, and businesses.

Show Notes

  • Leaving his full-time job and becoming involved in multiple side businesses [1:20]
  • Successful people do these two things [8:50]
  • Changing your LinkedIn profile can change your image [13:30]
  • Tips for reaching out and connecting with people [21:00]
  • Resources for starting a Sports Business career [25:30]
  • The role family and friends play and his biggest struggle [30:00]
  • His expected financial outcome and what it takes to achieve it [34:50]
  • Staying focused and how to continue to make progress with multiple businesses [39:00]
  • How not answering the phone made him more successful [42:50]


  • Use your email signature to tell people who you are and what you can do [5:00]
  • No one knows who you are except for what you tell them [13:30]
  • Don’t put people on a pedestal, make them your mentor and learn from them [20:15]
  • You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with, look at the expectations of your peer group [32:40]
  • Congratulate yourself on little achievements to give yourself positive momentum [37:00]
  • Guard your time – don’t take any unscheduled phone calls or meetings [45:00]


  • Designer and Branding Consultant
  • Side businesses
    • Financial trader in futures, currencies, equities and options
    • Eventia Sports & Entertainment hosting VIP Las Vegas events and golf tournaments.
    • Whitecap Sports Group brokering sales of sports franchises, leagues, and businesses

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PeteDavisESQ AT

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The Side Business Show

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