Book, Coaching, Speaking, WritingIKE-54: Baby Diaper Expert Writes Best-Selling Political Thrillers – Linda Fisler

IKE-54: Baby Diaper Expert Writes Best-Selling Political Thrillers – Linda Fisler

You’ve secretly been an author for decades. It’s just that the world doesn’t know it. Now, with new technologies and online services, you can make yourself known. Linda Fisler explains how you can stay in your day job and becoming a published author with all the amazing tools that make it possible.

At 18 years of age, Linda worked at Proctor & Gamble testing toilet paper–well not literally testing it–not on her buttocks anyway! Along with toilet paper Linda also became an expert at testing baby diapers. In her 26 years at P&G, she also did some marketing, computer programming, and consumer research. In her spare time, she wrote a script for Star Trek: The Next Generation, sending it registered mail directly to Gene Roddenberry. While her script was acknowledged, she received a rejection letter. That was a setback, but after a few years Linda began handwriting scenes for a novel while continuing her full-time job. Writing on breaks, lunch hours, and throughout the weekend, Linda had generated over a foot-tall stack of scenes. She kept these scenes, and in 2014, she began to compile them into what became her debut novel, Blind Influence. It has garnered three awards-Paris Book Festival, Great Midwest Book Festival, and the Hollywood Book Festival upon its release. Blind Persuasion was published in 2016 and received an award at the Paris Book Festival. Blind Alliance debuted in 2017.

Linda is now writing her second trilogy while coaching other aspiring writers to achieve their dreams. She also speaks and guides her audiences on self-publishing techniques, while leveraging online networks to provide exclusive content.

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