Franchise, RestaurantIKE-2: $10 Expo to Side Business Empire with Marcus Johnson

IKE-2: $10 Expo to Side Business Empire with Marcus Johnson

Marcus Johnson, graduate of the Maimi College of Arts & Science, currently resides in Dallas, Texas where he works as the Senior Clinical Sales Rep for Intuitive Surgical.

Working a full time job, Marcus began to feel as though his full potential wasn’t being reached.  With his passion for people and the purpose of “building his legacy, while owning his time,” he began to change his life. Within a few short years, Marcus has developed a strategy that has enabled him to have multiple sources of income.

Passionate about his work, Marcus Johnson continues to expand his professional network, look for new opportunities, manage his time wisely, and takes a little time for himself to stay healthy.

Marcus’s favorite book – The One Thing by Gary Keller

Show Notes

  • A talk with an SVP in his company opened his eyes about financial independence [5:50]
  • The $10 conference that gave him a ton of information [23:15]
  • A coach helped him identify which side business to pursue [24:00]
  • How he found a partner for his restaurant franchise business [34:45]
  • The genesis of the trash bin cleaning business [44:35]
  • How the information in a Financial Disclosure Document can help when considering a franchise [52:15]


  • Do less by doing more [4:20]
  • Do your homework: 3 questions to ask when looking for opportunities to develop [10:15]
  • Translate your passion into a business opportunity [13:00]
  • When faced with rejection, focus on what you learned and how to do it better [19:20]
  • The benefit of a franchise is that they offer you a blueprint for success [21:40]

About Marcus

  • Full-time job as Senior Clinical Sales Rep at Intuitive Surgical, manufacturer of the DaVinci Robotic Surgery System.
  • Marcus has developed a strategy to enable him to have multiple streams of revenue for financial freedom.
  • His ventures and equity investments include a
    • Multi-Unit Restaurant Franchise
    • Real Estate Investment Company
    • Trash Bin Cleaning Business
    • Menswear Line & Sports Helmet Technology Company
    • Founder of The Liz Hunter Investment Group.

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