Coaching, Real Estate, RelationshipsIKE-18: The FORD Call Technique To Build Profitable Relationships – AV Vaghela

IKE-18: The FORD Call Technique To Build Profitable Relationships – AV Vaghela

Amit Vaghela (popularly called AV) is a Senior Loan Officer and Team Lead for The Vaghela Team w/ Highlands Residential Mortgage in Dallas, Texas.  He began his career in the mortgage industry in 2004 after receiving his BBA from the University of North Texas.  Working for a major home loan corporation, he led his team to be ranked #1 in the country for units at the largest lender in the nation.

In 2008, AV and his wife and business partner Nikki decided to open an office to originate loans on their own.  Together they have forged long lasting relationships with their clients, friends and families.  With over 27 years of combined experience, AV and The Vaghela Team have been recognized consistently for their commitment to excellence having received the Most Professional Mortgage Banker Award by D Magazine, Texas Five Star Professional Award by Texas Monthly, and voted Top Agent by Top Agent Magazine.

AV has a strong belief in mentorship and coaching and is actively involved in his community.  He has served on the Board for the Parks and Recreation Department along with volunteering with Texas Scholars and Communities in Schools. AV is a proud father and enjoys coaching his son’s t-ball team.  He also enjoys painting, photography, and playing Frisbee with his family.

Favorite Books: Shmooze by Richard Abraham, How Come That Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not by Robert Shemin, The ONE Thing by Gary Keller

Show Notes

  • AV’s start in the mortgage industry [3:00]
  • The importance of building Loving Profitable Relationships [4:30]
  • Create your Top 50 VIP List [5:40]
  • AV chooses his Top 50 by asking himself this question [8:00]
  • Make your phone calls great by using FORD [10:00]
  • How AV stays connected with clients who are not local [11:20]
  • Collecting, tracking, and using client data [13:20]
  • Repairing a relationship that has gone sour [17:15]
  • Building a LPR on a smaller scale [18:30]
  • What allows AV to stay grounded in life [19:35]
  • Commit to starting your side business [21:00]


  • Create a database to develop and maintain a LPR with your client [4:30]
  • Send an apology letter to people you have been out of touch with to reconnect [7:30]
  • Connect with all your VIPs monthly by calling 12 people each week [9:00]
  • Have a purpose for your phone call, such as an invitation to an event, happy hour, or client appreciation party [10:00]

Contacts and Links

Phone: 214-966-8871




  • Loan Officer and Team Leader for The Vaghela Team with Highlands Residential Mortgage
  • Implements the LPR – Loving Profitable Relationship concept that has brought huge success in his business.
  • Recognized by Top Agent Magazine, Texas Monthly, and D Magazine

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