Book, Online Business, Podcast, SpeakingIKE-19: Automotive Employee To Shoes Affiliate To Chief Side Hustler – Nick Loper

IKE-19: Automotive Employee To Shoes Affiliate To Chief Side Hustler – Nick Loper

Nick Loper has made a living off of turning his online side business into his full time passion.  Along the way he’s learned about different types of businesses, affiliate marketing, and outsourcing and shares his experience as Chief Side Hustler at Side Hustle Nation.

While working a full-time job as Zone Manager for Ford Motor Company, Nick began a side business called  His affiliate site helped customers find the best deal on shoes, delivering over $10 million of shoe sales for his advertising partners. Eventually, Nick left Ford in 2008 to dedicate himself to side hustles.

Nick now offers online courses on how to hire virtual assistants, sharing his process for sourcing high-quality, long-term hires.  He also runs the leading virtual assistant company directory and review platform, Virtual Assistant Assistant.

An author and online entrepreneur, Nick has been featured on The New York Times, Forbes Fortune, and as a TEDx speaker.  His books include the 2014 Amazon bestseller, Work Smarter: 350+ Online Resources Today’s Top Entrepreneurs Use To Increase Productivity and Achieve Their Goals.  Today Nick continues to help people identify opportunities and take action to generate income outside of their day job and build more financial freedom and security.

Favorite Book: American Icon by Bryce G. Hoffman

Show Notes

  • Who is Nick Loper [2:00]
  • Lessons learned working for Ford Motor Company [3:00]
  • How Nick started his original side business [4:55]
  • Where did he learn about affiliate marketing [7:25]
  • Having a side business made him a better employee with Ford [9:00]
  • Challenges Nick faced expanding his business [11:15]
  • The beginning of the Side Hustle Nation [14:00]
  • Nick shares successful side businesses others have started [15:09]
  • Side businesses he would not recommend [18:55]
  • What to consider before starting your side business [20:19]
  • Pros and cons of selling goods on Amazon [21:00]
  • Three things that hold people back from starting a side business [24:15]
  • The App Nick uses to help with time management [26:24]


  • Diversification is key, don’t rely on one source of traffic or income stream [11:15]
  • If you don’t like the work or dread the project, it’s time to move on [18:55]
  • Start tracking your time to see where you could be more productive [26:24]

Contacts and Links

Email: Nick AT



  • Author and online entrepreneur featured on The New York Times, Forbes Fortune, and TEDx event speaker
  • Founder of
  • Prior experience as Zone Manager for Ford Motor Company

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