Book, Coaching, Podcast, SpeakingIKE-21: Overcome Mom Guilt And Invest In Your Dreams – Erica Blocker

IKE-21: Overcome Mom Guilt And Invest In Your Dreams – Erica Blocker

Erica Blocker is a mother of four children and works full time for an Industrial Supply Company. After going through a divorce, Erica was determined to reconnect with herself. She decided to go back to school to get her Master’s degree. It was during this time she discovered the coaching industry and became passionate about helping women overcome struggles, reclaim their dreams, and become successful entrepreneurs.

Erica is founder of a Side Business called Moms with Dreams University. It’s an online source for women to acquire information and resources they need to grow personally and professionally. As host of the popular podcast The Moms with Dreams Show, Erica interviews women juggling motherhood, marriage, and careers. Erica has become a sought after inspirational speaker and is the bestselling author of Motherhood Dreams & Success: You Can Have It All.

Her mantra is: Reclaim your dream. Do what you love. Make a Difference.

Book recommendations: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Show Notes

  • How Erica defines herself [2:40]
  • Working full time and perusing her passion on the side [5:10]
  • What inspired Erica to become a coach [8:30]
  • Overcoming hardships and reconnecting with herself [11:00]
  • The three most common issues women and mothers struggle with [14:50]
  • Erica’s proactive approach to reduce mom guilt [19:15]
  • Types of businesses that may be easier for moms vs others [20:40]
  • Is certification required to become a coach [22:23]
  • Connecting to your ideal market [23:15]
  • Variations in the coaching industry [24:10]


  • Invest in yourself [12:30]
  • Reconnect with yourself, decide what you want, learn how to achieve it [12:45]
  • Turn your skills and gifts into a business [20:40]
  • Write down your vision, figure out your next step, and take one action at a time to bring you closer [26:45]

Contacts and Links



Twitter: @momswithdreams

Instagram: @momswithdreams


  • Full-time working mother of four children
  • Founder of Side Business called the Moms with Dreams University
  • Host of Moms with Dreams podcast
  • Inspirational speaker and bestselling author

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