Finance, Investing, Stock TradingIKE-22: Get Rich Leisurely With Mike Berka

IKE-22: Get Rich Leisurely With Mike Berka

Mike Berka is a native New Yorker, who recently relocated to Southern California to enjoy year-round warm weather and new adventures. In his quest for financial independence, Mike’s been employing a dividend income strategy for over a decade. This unique strategy has enabled Mike to reach a point where he now has predictable income. He can now spend more time working out, golfing and exploring the west coast.

Book Recommendations: The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley, One Up On Wall Street by Peter Lynch

Show Notes

  • How Mike has used a dividend income strategy to build financial independence [1:10]
  • What are dividends and why are they important [4:20]
  • Why pursue income through dividends [5:25]
  • The cash flow from dividends is similar to investing in real estate for cash flow [ [6:38]
  • How to decide in which companies to invest [12:30]
  • Mike looks for these things before purchasing stock [13:22]
  • Investing through a brokerage company vs. directly from a company [15:10]
  • What payout range Mike looks for in a company [18:40]
  • Reducing risk when investing [24:20]


  • Get appreciation from both ends, the stock price and the dividend [8:32]
  • Look around your home to see what companies produce the products you use every day and research their stock [12:30]
  • Look at the corporate website to read about a company’s corporate health [14:45]
  • Purchase partial shares directly through a company [16:30]
  • When compared to real estate, the startup cost of investing is much less [22:45]

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  • Currently a Sales Director at Shareablee
  • Using a dividend income strategy over the past 10 years
  • Building a slow and steady path to earn predictable income and gain financial independence


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