• Currently working towards a Master’s degree at Texas Women’s University to become a Nurse Practitioner in Gerontology
  • Owner of The Tutoring Center in Plano, Texas
  • Mother of two young elementary school children
  • Worked as an oncology nurse and a home health nurse
  • Book recommendation: Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Awakening by Joseph Goldstein


Malika Virani began her journey in India, where she earned an undergraduate degree in Public Relations and Business.  When she moved to the United States, Malika took advantage of the educational opportunities available to her and decided to pursue her passion. She started group up and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.  For several years she worked as a Registered Nurse in an Oncology center and later as Director of Nursing at a home health care agency.

Today Malika is the owner of The Tutoring Center in Plano Texas.  A mom with two young children, Malika enjoys the flexibility of owning her own business that’s centered around her second passion, education.  Her business offers one on one instruction and a unique platform to assist children achieve their educational goals and build their self-confidence.  The tutoring business  has helped Malika build the financial independence she needed to go back to school. She is now simultaneously working towards a Master’s degree at Texas Women’s University to become a Nurse Practitioner in Gerontology.

Show Notes

  • Malika Virani: student, nurse, business owner and mother [2:12]
  • Malika’s journey in becoming a nurse [2:50]
  • What is a home health nurse [4:30]
  • What to ask yourself if you’re thinking about a career in nursing [5:10]
  • How Malika balances the daily demands of work and family life [7:30]
  • Malika’s second passion led her to open a franchise with flexibility that complements family life [9:35]
  • Two things that convinced Malika that this franchise was right for her [11:45]
  • Startup cost, time, and financing [13:45]
  • What Malika enjoys most about her business [16:40]
  • Challenges Malika faced in opening a tutoring business and what she would have done differently [18:31]
  • Two things to consider if you’re thinking about opening a tutoring business [21:00]
  • How Malika stays focused and manages her commitments [22:20]


  • When deciding on a career path, determine your driving force behind that decision [5:10]
  • Use positive feedback from your clients or customers to help motivate you [16:40]
  • Invest time in networking to find people with similar principles that you may want to work with in the future [19:40]
  • When deciding on a location for a business, get to know the area and your target population [22:00]
  • Make sure your family is on board and invested in what you’re doing to maintain a healthy support system [23:50]

Contacts and Links


malikavirani AT tutoringcenter.com





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