Health, Product, Real EstateIKE-30: Listen To Customers, Deliver Beauty And Health, Build A Business – Ami Kulkarni

IKE-30: Listen To Customers, Deliver Beauty And Health, Build A Business – Ami Kulkarni


Ami Kulkarni narrates a fascinating 10-year journey to investigate and develop a side business providing 2-in-1 Health+Beauty products. She is a mother of three, a certified Yoga instructor, and also runs a Commercial Real Estate Business with her husband Samir.

Ami began her career with Procter & Gamble as an intern and over seven years’ time became the Global Brand Manager for their Olay Skin Care line.  Noticing an increase in consumer feedback for more natural and health oriented products, Ami decided to leave her position with P&G and attend medical school.  It was while she was in medical school that she developed the idea that would later become Arkadiance, a line of wellness-based skincare products.

Book recommendation: The Path of Least Resistance by Robert Fritz

Show Notes

  • Ami’s experience working for Procter & Gamble [2:30]
  • Leaving P&G to serve customers from a different angle [5:00]
  • Lessons learned in medical school [6:15]
  • Merging health-care and beauty into a self-care company [7:19]
  • Recognizing a need for natural products [10:28]
  • Ami’s goal when Arkadiance first launched [12:30]
  • Approach for testing and getting feedback on your product [16:20]
  • Is there anything Ami would have done differently [18:00]
  • What if your side business conflicts with your current company [20:25]
  • The business of investing in startups in the beauty industry [22:18]
  • What should listeners do to help get their own business started [23:27]


  • Preventative care is a tool that is being underutilized in the medical field [6:15]
  • Look at rising trends among micro groups [10:28]
  • Use product sales and feedback to learn what customers like instead of research or a concept test [16:20]
  • Done is better than perfect [18:00]
  • When leaving a job to pursue your own business, ask the company if you would be able to return for added emotional security [20:25]

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  • Manages Commercial Real Estate business with husband
  • Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Mom to three children
  • Developed and launched Arkadiance, a line of wellness-based skincare products

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