Coaching, ConsultingIKE-29: Create 6-Figure Income In 5 Steps With Cleaning Guru Debbie Sardone

IKE-29: Create 6-Figure Income In 5 Steps With Cleaning Guru Debbie Sardone


Debbie Sardone is a leading expert in the cleaning industry.  Debbie is also a speaker, author, and consultant.  She’s been featured in Reader’s Digest and has made appearances on several TV networks, radio stations, and magazines.  She also owns a global consulting business helping maid service owners achieve success.

After starting her own cleaning business by just placing an ad in the paper, her business has grown into a million-dollar company.  Today Debbie is the owner of Buckets & Bows Maid Service in Texas, with over 40 employees and serving over 500 customers.  She is also the founder of the national non-profit, Cleaning For A Reason, which provides free cleaning services to women with cancer.  In 2010, Debbie and her husband Steve bought Speed Cleaning, a company that manufactures and ships premium green cleaning products and equipment.

Book Recommendations: The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber and The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

Show Notes

  • How Debbie got her start in the cleaning business [2:25]
  • With the success of her company Debbie began a non-profit [3:50]
  • At what point did Debbie realize she could build a business from cleaning houses [6:10]
  • Learn to leverage your time [8:00]
  • Finding your niche and micro-niche [10:20]
  • The #1 reason people struggle to succeed in the coaching and consulting industry [11:30]
  • Developing your expertise [17:00]
  • Key concepts of running a coaching business [20:50]
  • How to determine pricing for your services [24:00]
  • What would Debbie have done differently in starting her coaching business [28:00]
  • What should listeners do to get started in the coaching industry [30:20]


  • When you trade time for dollars, your income is capped [9:00]
  • Learn who you can best serve and develop and automate the service [10:20]
  • Offer to speak and hold workshops at conferences to develop a following and build your reputation [20:50]

Contacts and Links


  • President of Buckets & Bows Maid Service Inc.
  • Global business consultant to maid service owners
  • Owner of Speed Cleaning products and equipment
  • Founder of Cleaning for a Reason, a national non-profit

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