Podcast, RelationshipsIKE-25: Fun Things Happen When You Podcast

IKE-25: Fun Things Happen When You Podcast

The Minions are back, quizzing Ike as he reflects on the amazing journey of launching The Side Business Show, the awesome people he’s met along the way, the incredible support he’s received from loyal listeners, and some core lessons he’s learned from it all. Happy New Year!


  • A fan of the show, Salima Moosa, reminds Ike that taking action is the only way to make the possible happen. Salima also reveals her favorite episode is about Allison Ellsworth sharing her journey to good health and a healthy business.
  • Another fan of the show, Daray Olaleye, proves to Ike the value of being authentic and owning your voice. Daray is the host of a popular podcast called Before The Millions.
  • Ruru wants to know if Joe Fairless has heard the first episode.
  • Zeezee talks about her loss-making 5th grade stock market investing project and Ike points her to Mike Berka for a safer cash flow strategy.
  • Ike shares that the episode with Lynne Cole about profiting from vacation rentals, has a chance of featuring on a curated show.
  • AV Vaghela and his relationship building strategies leads to the conclusion that he and Sakina Ismaelbay are gift-giving monsters!
  • Ike reveals that The Side Business Show is now available on your favorite music app, SPOTIFY!
  • Ike is offering everyone 3 awesome ideas to start a side business without spending money. Send a quick email to ike@thesidebusiness.show. Tell us one thing you’ve enjoyed about the show and Ike will send you 3 side business ideas that do not require money to start.
  • The most valuable lessons Ike has learned from this podcast is the value of reaching out, building relationships, and giving without expecting anything in return. If you have a vision, create goals, and take action. However small and slow your actions, each step will help you achieve your goals. So keep moving always.

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