Product, Software, WidgetsIKE-28: Clocking Up Success After A Jewelry Abort – Raya Khashab

IKE-28: Clocking Up Success After A Jewelry Abort – Raya Khashab

Raya Khashab is the co-founder and CEO of ezClocker, a scheduling and time tracking software for small businesses.  Earning a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas, Raya spent nearly 20 years working in the corporate world as a software engineer for companies such as Lacerte and Intuit Inc.  Her first side business was a jewelry e-commerce site that she started with a friend.  Although it only lasted 2 years, Raya learned a lot and put her experience to good use when she began her next business.

Raya became interested in the workings of the health care industry while visiting her grandmother in an assisted living home. After interviewing several home health care owners, she began developing the time tracking software ezClocker.  Using their mobile device employees can clock in and out from anywhere and employers can verify their employees are on the job with GPS.  The ezClocker software has also been embraced by other industries with similar needs such as landscaping, catering, construction, and janitorial companies.

Book Recommendation: The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber and 15 Secrets Successful People Know  About Time Management by Kevin Kruse

Show Notes

  • Three things Raya learned from her first business experience [2:10]
  • Finding the right business partner and your vision for your company [8:40]
  • How Raya developed her ideas and built her ezClocker business [10:05]
  • Incorporating lessons learned from her jewelry business to develop ezClocker [12:15]
  • Determining if your business is viable [16:30]
  • Subscriptions, financing, and investors [19:00]
  • How changing your environment and expanding your network can help you succeeded [26:30]
  • The importance of networking as an introvert [28:15]
  • Looking back, what would Raya have done differently [29:30]
  • Advice for starting your own business [33:00]


  • For a good partnership look for someone with complementary skills [6:40]
  • Test your prototype first and if there is interest, then develop it [15:02]
  • Build relationships along the way so potential investors can watch you grow before they invest [20:50]
  • You learn your expertise by doing, because everything you do is an experience [33:00]

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  • CEO and cofounder of ezClocker,
  • Started a jewelry e-commerce site as a side business
  • 20 years of experience working in a corporate software engineering job


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